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Souhardya De is an Indian author of historical fiction, a Sunday Guardian columnist and a podcaster hailing from Midnapore, West Bengal. He is best known for his contributions to the Indian mythology, history and cultural heritage revitalisation. De has been a columnist for the Sunday Guardian and writes on topics pertaining to the various dimensions of Indian culture. His upcoming work, tentatively titled ‘A Dynastic Decimation: When Lust Destroyed a Sultanate’, based on the Mughal history, will be out from Rupa Publications India. Souhardya was conferred upon the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar,the highest national honour for Indian citizens under 18, by the President of India, for his contributions to Art and Culture, in 2021. De was also conferred upon the highest honour of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, US, the commission to the office of the Kentucky Colonelcy, by Governor Andy Beshear, in 2021. 

Latest from my Columns

The Dying Princess

The scene depicted in the ‘Dying Princess’ takes place after Buddha’s arrival at Kapilavastu. The Buddha had, by the time being talked about, attained enlightenment, amassing, in due course, a wide number of followers who had been indoctrinated in the Buddhist teaching, the very pragmatic way of life as the former prince of Kapilavastu saw […]

God, Para Brahman and Hindu Henotheism

The word ‘Hindu’ stems from the Persian equivalent for ‘Sindhu’, meaning Indus, making a somewhat direct reference to inhabitants who belong to the other side of the Indus in the land we call India today. Hinduism, unlike the major Abrahamic religions that exist in the known world, is not a decisive dharmic conduct or way […]

Bhakti ideals, the Nirguna movement and rise of Sikhism

At a time when north India had immersed itself into the fathomless waters of practising orthodox evils in the likes of the obdurate four-fold societal division (in this context, the division is based on birth; originally however, social division was occupation-based in nature) into the varnashramas (Rig Veda, hymn 10.90), polytheism, untouchability (chandals and doms, […]

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